Telly Bingo Results 2024 || Telly Bingo Game Play

In this blog post, you will get to see the Telly Bingo Results and you will be told how you can buy the Telly Bingo Lottery online and by going to a shop so friends if you like this blog post then share. Telly Bingo is a national lottery game played in Ireland that can be played like a lottery.

Telly Bingo Results

What is a telly bingo Lottery game?

Telly Bingo is a bingo game delivered by the national is a newscast that stays on TV so everyone over 18 can jest from residence. Telly bingo is a game that you can jest for a contingency to earn 10000 pounds or add in the assurance of your residence.

How to play the telly bingo Lottery?

You can buy telly bingo coupons at Merchandise Delegate. Accidentally selected digits normally up to 75 to 90 are termed as a banker. The earliest competitor to accomplish a card in which all of the digits have been designed as shout bingo or home and assemble the total currency commonly less a definite ratio if that is authorized by local law.

To game the telly bingo you are just required to go to a federal lottery wholesaler and interrogate for a coupon you will be provided a grid with 24 informal digits from 1 to 75. The middle quadrate will be previously marked off. The jest performs exactly like traditional bingo excluding the succeeding digits are represented on the television to win you have to compete the digits on your grid with those published during the telly bingo newscast you will receive various awards for implementing positive design on your grid.

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Can I play online?

You cannot play telly bingo online coupons can only be obtained from federal lottery wholesalers in Ireland.

How much does it cost to play?

Telly bingo coupons are priced at pounds 2.50 each and can be bought from any authorized lottery wholesaler in Ireland. you can buy coupons for up to 6 tournaments in growth.

Can I choose my numbers?

No, you will be immediately given a lucky position of digits accidentally posted on your grid.

When does the profile take place? 

Telly bingo daylights are


Telly Bingo Results

When do coupon transactions close?

You can purchase telly bingo coupons from any definite federal lottery wholesaler until 11:00 am on the daylight of every draw transaction open for the succeeding draw at 11:15 am.

Who hosts telly bingo?

The primary telly bingo host is Declan Buckley who has offered the panelshow since 2001. Nuala Carey also hosts the play periodically.

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Telly Bingo Lottery ticket price:

Telly bingo coupons are priced at pounds 2.50 each and are accessible from any lottery wholesaler in Ireland. Coupons transaction proximate at 11:00 on draws daylight and you can play up to 6 tournaments in development you will admit a five-by-five grid holding 24 informally produce digits between one and seventy-five (1_75) with the middle quadrate previously marked off.

How to win the telly bingo lottery game?

There are 6 achievable rewards to be won in any circle of telly bingo lottery and it is attainable to maintain multiple rewards and prizes on the same coupon.

  • Corners

The earliest aspect of the tournaments sees 32 digits represented. If the digits in all 4 angles of your grid are preferred at this moment you win a reward value lowest of pound five the moderate reward is pound 10.

  •  X Cross   

For more digits preferred hold the entire to 36 if you have a prominent X across the middle of your grid you win a reward of across pound 100. The intersecting shape needs 8 digits to be compatible rightly.

  • Full House      

Digits remain to be drawn before always 1 competitor is compatible with all of the digits on their program. At this signal the telly bingo games finish and no more rewards are honored the full home reward is settled at pound 10000 and is combined if others develop their cards on the comparable digit.

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  • Snowball   

The snowball reward is a dividend for competitors who accomplish a full-on earlier the forty-five digit. The snowball champion succeeds or claims an extra 10000 pounds.

  • Lucky line       

One of the 5 parallel columns is preferred informally during the panel show line all the digits on that column and you succeed 5 pounds. Column one is the topmost column on your coupon column 2 is the column below the topmost one and so on.

  • Phone risk card

On each telly bingo coupon, there is an outlandish 6-digit card number published straight under the 24-digit grid. Through the telly bingo TV show, one of the card digits is informally selected and published by the entertainer.

Claiming Telly Bingo prizes

Each ticket sold for a Telly Bingo draw is automatically entered into the central computer system at the moment when it is generated for purchase. This allows officials to keep track of when someone has won the Full House prize without players having to alert them like they would during a traditional bingo game at a club. The game is then stopped and prizes can be calculated.

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Telly Bingo today live| Telly Bingo Results

  1. Date: Friday, 22nd March 2024
  2. Draw Numbers:
    • Corners: 2, 4, 8, 11, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31, 34, 38, 39, 40, 42, 46, 47, 48, 50, 51, 53, 56, 60, 63, 65, 66, 69, 70, 72
    • XCross: 14, 21, 37, 44
    • Snowball: 1, 5, 10, 15, 28, 41, 52, 54, 59, 61, 67, 68, 71
  3. Winners and Prizes:
    • Corners: Winners – 477, Prize – €43
    • XCross: Winners – 75, Prize – €138
    • Snowball: Winners – 1, Prize – €55,000
    • Fullhouse: Winners – 0, Prize – €0
    • Lucky Line: Winners – 7305, Prize – €5
  4. Special Promotion:
    • Phone Risk Card Number: 469681
    • Freephone Number: 1800 22 44 55
    • Call Before: 9:00 pm on 23rd March 2024

Here’s the information formatted into a table:

Draw NumbersWinnersPrize (€)
Lucky Line73055

      Which TV terminal displays the game?

Draws are announced on RTE one at 12:45 pm on draw daylight.

     Do I have to look at the game in sequence to win?

No, as you can audit the telly bingo outcome if you neglect the draw to see if you are a champion although you are required to review the phone risk card digit before 9:00 PM the succeeding daylight for your prospect to engage by telephone on the display.

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     Can I succeed in more than one reward on a single coupon?

Yes if you succeed in a reward in more than one classification you will be compensated the sum of those rewards. For example, if you succeed in a “corners” prize and an “X cross” prize you will receive both rewards.

    When did telly bingo start?

    Telly bingo started in September 1999.