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This is a lottery that is a low-odds game based on a casual draw for victors. There are several forms of batting, such as lotteries that give a chance to win a big prize if you pay a small amount of cash. The fund is taken up through the sale of numbered tickets and the distribution of a part of the income to the holders of the numbers drawn at casual. The process of choosing numbers from a big group printed on a ticket to take up money in a similar way.

If you want to see the latest Irish Daily Million Results then they are available here. Daily Million Plus and main Draw winning numbers are drawn at 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm every day.

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In the case of Daily Million, its jackpot of R17 million is good enough, but twice in one day? Throughout this large Irish lottery game, you have the opportunity to become a millionaire 14 times in a week. This game is not more generous! The Daily Million lottery has seven levels that offer each player in South Africa loads of opportunities to win large.

It is a main option for big prize fans throughout the world because it offers better general odds than the bulk lotteries of 1 in 33 possibilities. Due to the requirements that all Irish lottery prizes, be requested within 90 days of a draw, you’ll have to hold referring back to the outcome page. Now is the time to receive your Daily Million tickets and make sure you’re in the running to succeed in this lottery each day in South Africa.

Daily Millions Results

Daily Millions Results Today

The modern Irish Daily Million results are existing here as soon as they are released. A new position of winning numbers is drawn every day at 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm for the major draw and Daily Million Plus. After the Daily Million draws have taken place, here is a look at the results. To visit the whole draw details, click the ‘prize breakdown’ link. For access to previous Daily Million results, select a year from the list below. The winning digits for every Daily Million and Daily Million Plus draw throughout that time duration will emerge.

Latest Daily Million Draw Results Today:

Here you can find the latest Daily Million results as soon as the results are drawn. The results timings for the main draw and daily million plus is 2 pm and 9 pm every day.

Note: See Result Table Auto Rotate Mobile Phone on.

DateTimeGameTop PrizeWinning NumbersBonus
Sat 13/04/241:00pmDaily Million€1,000,0005, 10, 15, 17, 29, 3519
Daily Million Plus€500,0007, 9, 12, 34, 35, 3631
Sat 13/04/246:00amDaily Million€1,000,0001, 10, 17, 19, 24, 2734
Daily Million Plus€500,0001, 2, 3, 5, 13, 226
Fri 12/04/241:00pmDaily Million€1,000,00012, 14, 16, 25, 29, 375
Daily Million Plus€500,0006, 12, 21, 23, 29, 3714
Fri 12/04/246:00amDaily Million€1,000,0005, 7, 11, 25, 32, 381
Daily Million Plus€500,00025, 26, 30, 31, 33, 373
Thu 11/04/241:00pmDaily Million€1,000,0003, 21, 23, 25, 26, 355
Daily Million Plus€500,0005, 18, 20, 23, 29, 3228

What is Daily Million? A Complete Guide:

Daily Million is an exciting draw game that offers up to EUR1,000,000 as prizes, taking place twice every day from 2 pm until 9 pm. The players must choose at least 6 numbers out of the 39 options.

When the selection of the main balls is complete a Bonus Ball will be drawn from the left numbers. The method creates more ways to win. There are a total of 7 prizes with a 7 figure payout for the matching 6 main numbers.

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To play the daily million game you can choose two methods that is choose 6 numbers from the 39 options to play or you can choose a quick pick which means that a random number is assigned to you.

Now after this point, you have the option to add Daily Million Plus as this option increases your ability to win a top prize worth EUR 500,000 with an additional EUR0.05 per line.

For this to happen your numbers must line up with those in the winning line. This matching can result in winning a prize worth EUR3 for matching 3 major numbers to EUR1,000,000 for matching all six.

What is the price to play Daily Million?

At just €1 Daily Million is available for play per line and also put your number into the daily million plus draw for an additional €0.50.

When does the Daily Million Draw take place?

The draw is held twice a day around 2 pm and 9 pm shortly after they are drawn the winning numbers are shown on the results page.

Chance of Winning Daily Million Prize:

Every draw results in prizes for hundreds of players! There have been 633,313 prizes won in the main draw and 454,983 prizes won in the Plus draw so far this year.

The chances of winning daily million draws are 1 out of 14 along side if you add your daily million plus to your ticket. The range of the prizes is quite large as you can win a jackpot of €1 million in every regular draw and take an additional €500,000 up for grabs in daily million plus.

The prize category consists of 7 different prizes but for this, all of your six numbers have to match the six winning numbers in order to win the jackpot.

In case more than one person matches all the six numbers the prize is equally distributed among all.

Daily Million Tickets Prices

Tickets for Daily Millions are usually priced reasonably to motivate global participation. Lottery workers may set different rules and the price of Daily Millions of tickets based on the power, where it is offered.

There are several cases where Daily Millions tickets are set at based on minimum prices, making them reachable to more players. In general, prices range from a few Euros or Pounds to numerous units of local money. We trust that this pricing plan will allow players from various social class backgrounds to enjoy Daily Millions without experiencing special financial pressure.

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In order to exactly calculate the Daily Million ticket price, a number of elements need to be taken into account, such as the size of the jackpot any special advertising, and money-changing rates in different states. Further, there is the probability of buying various tickets or entering future draws, which could affect the general cost.

Examine the official web page of the lottery workers or contact them directly for the most perfect Daily Millions of ticket prices in your place. Furthermore, to ticket prices, they should give any significant terms and conditions.

Daily Millions How Can Play

Here is a general instruction on how to play Daily Millions, however the procedure may differ significantly based on the nation or place where it is offered. These instructions are as follows.

First Choose a Retailer:

Tickets for the Daily Millions are mostly available to allowed lottery retailers. A comfort store, a supermarket, a gas station, or a devoted lottery outlet can serve as these places.

Select Your Digit:

Every Daily Millions ticket must consist of a particular set of numbers. You’re playing the Daily Millions type depending on this, the layout and range of digits may differ. There are normally six major digit and perhaps additional bonus numbers that players choose from a range of 1 to 39.

Fulfill the Game Slip:

A game slip enables you to mark your selected digit at the bulk lottery retailers. With the help of a pen or pencil build your selection on the play slip. Verify your selections are coherent and simple to read.

Select Your Play Strategy:

The game slip can be used to suggest the liking you have for Daily Millions choice if they exist. You can choose a set of digits for many paly the same numbers for multiple draws in a few lottery games.

Put Money in Your Tickets:

You must present your game slip and amount at the lottery retailer after finishing your play slip. The accountant will print out a slip for you as evidence of purchase. Check your ticket two times before leaving the store to confirm the digits and play options are exact.

Make Sure Your Ticket is Safe:

Safe your Daily Millions Ticket in-store. You must present it when claiming any prizes, you win, as it serves as evidence of entry. In case your ticket is lost or stolen, you should think about signing the back to stop anyone from claiming it.

Result Checking:

If you want to know that the winning digits after the Daily Millions drawing has taken place, visit the official lottery web page or local news channel. If you win the prize, compare the digits on your ticket to the winning numbers.

Receive Your Prize:

You can receive your prize if you have winning digits. You will normally need to submit a claim form and current your winning ticket at a selected claim center depending on the cash won and the rules of the lottery.

Daily Million Plus:

Other than Daily Million which is the main draw we also have Daily Million Plus which is a bonus game. This game has the same rules as Daily Million and alongside has opportunities to win extra prizes. This offer is applicable to those who have purchased an entry for the main daily million draw.

The Top Price for this draw is finalized at €500,000.

Daily Million Result Checker:

By entering your numbers into the Number Checker, you can check the results of every draw held over the past ninety days with your Daily Million numbers.

What Is Happening If Prizes Are Unclaimed

There is a period of 90 days after which unclaimed prizes must be returned to the National Lottery so they may promote its games further.

Attracting more players is key in order to purchase more tickets for future drawings and raise more funds for charities.

From EUR0.030 every EUR1 spent on the games is used in various projects in Ireland which include sectors such as sports, heritage, health, and the arts.


Daily Millions gives players an amazing and reachable chance to play lottery games and possibly win important prizes. Every Daily Millions draw has different results, but the excitement remains the same. Tickets are simply purchased from verified retailers, you choose your digits and you expect the results intently.

Daily Millions charms players from friendly participants to emotional with its cheap ticket prices and easy gameplay. There are no queries that the odds of winning life-changing jackpots are thin, but they are drawn that keep players coming back for more. No matter what your background is Daily Millions gives a greatly enjoyable experience for players of all duration.


How to define Daily Millions?

In the draw game Daily Million, you can win up to €1 million in two days, if you win the jackpot you must save all six digits.

Can anyone win the Daily Million?

Yes, each draw reports hundreds of players winning cash prizes! There have been 633,300 prizes earned in the main draw and 455,000 prizes won in the Plus draw throughout this year.

How much is the jackpot worth?

The set jackpot for the Daily Million is €1 million.

How can I claim a prize?

The depending on cash you won and whether you played online or in-store, you can receive your Daily Million prize. Find out how to receive your prize on the claiming prize page.

How much time do I have to pick up my prize?

The entry was purchased for the prize end in 90 days from the date of the draw.